The collaborative approach. 

We work with you and your chosen architect to ensure your project is not only buildable but also feasible financially.


We do this by carrying out (3) stages of pricing, rather than waiting until consent drawings are completed only to find out you can't afford it. By pricing early in the process we can identify potential cost blow outs or areas of concern. We can also provide construction insight or cost saving ideas when and where necessary.

The first is a preliminary take-off and estimation at concept design stage, where all costs are estimated and compiled together, then presented to you and your architect for review. If your project meets budget feasibility  then design works can continue into developed design stage.


Developed drawings then provide us with a more in-depth look into the construction of your home. These drawings are sent out to our respective suppliers and subcontractors for estimating and/or quoting if possible. The remainder of costs are estimated and compiled into a high-level construction estimate which is then provided to you and your architect for review.

We also take care of the project management for you.  From the start of construction through to handover and code of compliance, we organise everything so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Raglan Build Project




You send us your architect's plans and project scope for review. If you haven't yet engaged your designer then we are happy to meet with them to help develop your brief and project scope. We can also meet with you on your site to talk through ideas.



We will access the information you have supplied and then provide you with a quote and agreement for our preliminary and pricing services. This covers the time spent pricing your drawings and compiling our Quotation, Addendum & Building Contract for you. This also guarantees adequate time is taken for the pricing of your project to ensure all specified items are included and there are no surprises during construction. 



Upon acceptance of our preliminary services quote, we will send your plans off to our trusted suppliers and subcontractors for pricing. We will also begin our carpentry take-off, which includes builders labour, preliminary and general items.

We can also undertake a feasibility estimate prior to your architect starting detailed drawings. This helps to minimise risk of your project going over budget



Once we have compiled all pricing then we will put together our Quotation & Addendum for you. This is not just a price, but a detailed overview of all of the build stages and items included in your project. We will also provide you with our building agreement, master build guarantee application, and your very own selections schedule.



Upon signing of our contract documents, we will book your project start date. Our project manager will then input your project details into our project management software, where you will have access to your very own client portal. You can keep up to date with your project schedule, send messages, view your plans, photos & much more!

Your project will be completed with the same high quality, care and attention to detail that we are known for. 

Why Us?

Rivergrove Homes is not a Franchise.  To us, it's personel.. we listen, we care and we focus on the quality of each home we build, not the quantity! 

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